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Frome Town Colliers Way Map

Frome is an attractive and historic town dating from around 685 A.D. and is built upon steep hills with cobbled streets rising around the river Frome. A market town that is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086, Frome has a history of cloth making, being located in good sheep farming country close to the Mendip hills. The industry was booming by the end of the 17th century and the town was once more important than Bath. Progress saw the cloth trade later fade and give way to other industries such as carpet making and printing.

Frome has the outdoor Charter Market every Wednesday and Saturday in the Market Yard, Market Place and the main car park. Next to this car park and the river Frome is the Cheese and Grain, an excellent music, entertainment and market venue, hosting flea markets, collectors and farmers markets.

You will find Frome a great place to shop, explore, eat and be entertained. Come and discover craft shops, and a thriving arts scene in this compact, welcoming east Somerset town at the southern end of the Colliers Way.

At Nunney, south west of Frome is a rather unexpected but magnificent 14th Century moated castle dominating the village. Its French style is unique in the UK, the closest to its design can be found in Ireland. The castle was attacked by Cromwell's troops in the Civil War but held out for no more than two days. Today the castle is in a good state of preservation and in the hands of English Heritage.

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  • Catherine Hill, Frome
  • Frome Wednesday and Saturday market
  • Frome Cheese and Grain, entertainment and market venue
  • The 14th Century castle at Nunney
  • The Blue House, Frome
  • The Market Place, Frome

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Frome Museum Longleat Safari Boats
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  • At Orchardleigh (north of Frome) there is a golf course with a lake and a small island on which is a church. There is no mains power to the church and it has to be lit by candlelight and the organ has to be hand-pumped.
  • Tellisford Mill (near Frome) provides water powered eco electricity for all the local village.
  • Cheap Street in Frome is a narrow paved street of shops with an open leat stream running down its centre.
  • In addition to some of its finest architectural examples, Frome has more listed buildings than any other town in Somerset.


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The Sunn Inn, Frome Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome
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Orchardleigh Nunney Village
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