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Dundas Aqueduct to Midford

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Dundas to Midford - Colliers Way Map

The Colliers Way starts at Dundas Aqueduct at the northern end of the National Cycle Network Route 24 and continues through the Midford and Wellow valleys towards Radstock. The aqueduct at Dundas is an impressive Grade 1 listed, Bath stone structure built in 1800, carrying the Kennet and Avon Canal over the river Avon from Bath towards Bradford-on-Avon. Here at Dundas the delightfully-named Brass knocker Basin formed the junction of the Somerset Coal Canal and the Kennet and Avon canal.

The remainder of the coal canal is now just a short stub of a few hundred yards running south from the Basin. The fine city of Bath is easily reached by road, canal and the railway (at Freshford station) from Dundas. The Limestone Link long distance path also follows the same beautiful valley of the Midford Brook for a short distance to Midford where it branches off towards Combe Hay and Dunkerton following the old Coal Canal route.

The linear village of Monkton Combe is dominated by the jumble of the Monkton Combe boarding school buildings. There was once a brewery in the village and among the oldest buildings is a farmhouse dating from the 15th century. At Tucking Mill, where the Somerset & Dorset Railway from Bath joined the Wellow Valley, the 'Father of Geology', William Smith was born in 1769.

Near Midford the 1775-built Midford Castle looks down upon the meadows and the old railway line. This unusual country house was constructed with a floor plan in the shape of the ace of clubs.

The National Cycle Route at Midford crosses the Wellow Brook on an eight arch, 168-yard long brick viaduct of Somerset & Dorset Railway origin, which also crosses the main road and the long-closed Great Western Railway's Camerton branch.

The Hope and Anchor public house next to Midford viaduct is a great place to break a journey for some refreshment, their car park straddles the cycle route and the pub itself stands beside the main road, so you can be sure of finding it!

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  • 'Kennet & Avon Canal, Dundas Aqueduct
  • The Brass Knocker Basin
  • Narrow boats at Brass Knocker Basin
  • Midford Viaduct, Somerset and Dorset Railway
  • The Hope & Anchor, Midford

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Bath and Avon along the colliers way Dundas Aqueduct
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Bath Abbey along the colliers way Brass Knocker
  • Edgar, first King of England was crowned in 973 A.D. at a Saxon monastery on the site of the current Bath Abbey.
  • Britain's only natural thermal spa is in Bath, where the water comes from deep in the ground at a temperature of 45 degrees celsius, flowing at a rate of up to 1million litres a day.
  • The only remaining part of the Somersetshire Coal Canal still in use runs from the Dundas Aqueduct to Brassknocker Basin and is now home to many houseboats and narrowboats.
  • The Kennet and Avon Canal, one of the most popular canals for leisure use in the UK, was once in a state of disrepair and disuse, and was fully restored and opened in 1997.
  • The Ealing Comedy film The Titfield Thunderbolt railway sequences were filmed on the Great Western Railway Camerton Branch around Limpley Stoke, Monkton Combe, Dunkerton, Combe Hay and Midford.

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Hope and Annchor, Midford colliers way Wheel wright arms along the colliers way
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Leigh Park Hotel
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